Photo-A-Day Challenge

Can't call it a 365 since we actually have 366 days this year!  I do not have a theme as of yet.  I may do themes each week soon. I will try to post here each Sunday with a recap of all the photos.  You can follow along daily at my Facebook page.  Enjoy feel free to comment. 


A New Space

Today I took a big leap today and partnered with other creatives to share this amazing space.

a view of the new space

a view of the new space

The studio has tons of natural light and plenty of room to work.  We have work spaces, shooting spaces, changing room, and an area for hair and make up.  This is a move that will give me more availability for my clients that need "nontraditional" times for their photography needs. I look forward to shared an increased volume of work with you guys very soon. 

Street Photography in Italy

This summer I had the opportunity to take a travel photography class.  The class would be a tour of Italy.  I have always hoped to travel and hope to be able to see a lot more of the world with my loving and supportive wife and our children. I would like to share with you all a few of my favorite street photos that I took as we made our way from Milan to Rome.